Working with communities

As we keep changing the narrative, kicking through the implementation stage of the Teaching Without The Box Project to foster inclusion in classrooms for primary schools teachers in Kaduna state,we are beginning to understand more about how making communities part and parcel of projects leads to achieving more.
Through community inclusion and our partnership with schools based management committees as well as support from the State Universal Basic Education Board, we received better attentiveness from school leadership and educators as we share inclusive approaches to instruction with them.
Some sustainable practices we actualize include the use of mobile technology to easily access these resources and keep up communications.
The project will last for a period of four months and will cover over 16 communities. We are looking forward to it being scaled after appropriate measurement and evaluation at different levels.
We are making use of paper modules as well as some resources on our website while bringing in seasoned educators to assist.
We are willing to accept strategic partnerships for printing of these modules as well as for fostering design of our Android based app to ensure teachers gain more of these approaches without the use of data.

To achieve more with an existing initiative, core lies with the curriculum design for our 2019 21st century Education Masterclasses. We so much anticipate that this project ensures inclusive quality basic education in Kaduna state. We look forward to more support from the good people of Kaduna State, the State ministry of Education and the teachers in these public schools through the course of the project. All hands on deck in ensuring we achieve #goal4. No one left behind.

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