Identity and Innovation


Yusha’u is one among many youths who are innovative and insightful. He does part time with a local mechanic and has learnt a lot from the experiences. He aspires to be a mechanical engineer.

These final year students of Government Secondary School, Kargi were responsive, much more than expected, to be honest. They and others, younger or older, girls and boys remain our dream.

This is the reason why we have made it a part of our 2020 strategic plan in this #decadeofaction to deliver sessions and seminars to them and have conversations pertaining Self Identity, the #GlobalGoals and introducing them to innovative technologies as it broadens their imagination and breaks them out of the proverbial box.

We are looking forward to seeing them succeed as their SSCE approaches.

And we ended with high morale on the national anthem. How much we love the national anthem!
Godspeed leaders.
We are proud of you!

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