Citizens and Accountability Technologies

Digital technologies are resourceful and innovative tools we can use to ensure accountability pertinent to public spending.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Africa grew to US$ 2.2 trillion in 2015 and this growth has increased significantly in recent years.

It is however worthy of note that about 25% of that amount is lost to corruption.

That’s 198 trillion Naira, incomparable to the total GDP of Nigeria.

This 198 trillion Naira could have provided thousands of water points in rural communities, provided more support for education and teaching, and of course, better health facilities in communities in just one year.

Ensuring accountability is not just the role of the Government or civil society. It is the responsibility of all. Social media and mobile technologies are applicable tools. However, it should not stop at that!

Seeing as it is no one man or one agency’s responsibility to ensure accountability, @noboxinitiative was invited by @connected_dev to participate in a workshop with discussions and resolutions pertinent to anti corruption strategies and techniques. One noteworthy is the The Open Government Partnership (OGP). It is an initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance The OGP engages civil society and the business community in identifying effective practices and innovative approaches for leveraging new technologies to empower people and promote transparency in government. This as well as the Freedom of Information Act and Whistleblowing policies are initiatives we can leverage upon in ensuring the collective responsibility of accountability The time is now!

2 thoughts on “Citizens and Accountability Technologies”

  1. We sure need to ensure every aspect of governance is held accountable to what has been appropriated for it. We, the citizenry must ensure this because we bear the brunt more. Thanks for the work you do. No Box.

  2. Yes Mr Amos. The Onus is upon us all to hold our government accountable. Since accountability is not rocket science, we would like you to join us on this journey. All hands on deck! More so, it is the decade of action!

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