About No Box

the No Box Initiative is A social welfare organization, established to channel resources to address challenges in the education… Quality equals sustainable development.


We believe that the approach to instruction at all levels should include the manifestation of the 21st century skills of digital literacy, problem solving, relative creativity and critical thinking to ensure that the learner is effectively enabled to engage in solving practical problems that exist and prevent or solve those that are yet to come. We believe that all these, cumulative, will enhance the learner in becoming a change agent, a problem solver, an innovator, the next Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou Bill Gates, Chimamanda Ngozi, Jack Ma and even better and unique versions of these great people.


Children aren't simply the leaders of tomorrow but also the ones to the effects of our day to day acts, positive or otherwise fall upon them in both long and short run.
am a believer


Deliberate and intricately developed community led activism is one of the most important ways through which we can realize the Sustainable Development Goals. What are you doing in your community? We have been carrying campaigns all enlightenment over communities all over Kaduna State and environs, strategically targeting the rural areas, where sadly a greater population of children that fall under our target aim where found.