Month: October 2019


A conventional definition of Quality includes literacy, numeracy and life skills, and is directly linked to such critical components as teachers, content, methodologies, curriculum, examination systems, policy, planning, and management and administration. An education system with characteristics that may be considered of poor quality, in terms of current thinking, can be a barrier to enrolment …

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Grassroots Inclusion

Inclusive education practices are slowly increasing in Nigeria with the efforts of government, civil society initiatives and non profit organizations, but many barriers continue to exist for developing an inclusive education system. The barriers are being addressed by bringing the community together to identify the best ways to minimize their impact on inclusive education. This …

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If not us, who?

Growth and development are not independent of solution driven plans, strategies and actions this is evident from the trend of development in Nigeria. Nigeria still has 10.5 million out-of-school children – the world’s highest number. Sixty per cent of those children are in northern Nigeria. It is with this that we take the mandate to …

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